ekalappai - an Intro

Now ekalappai open source version now contains 2 keyboards (tamil99 and phonetic).

Its available for download here:

No installation require, after download, unzip it to a folder and run ekalappai file (or some computers you will see this file as ekalappai.exe). Keyboard loaded can be changed by clicking (left click) on the task bar icon shown when ekalappai is running.

Please test and send your feedback.

Also you can directly enter your bugs here:

How to install and use development version of eKalappai

  1. Download and unzip ekalappaiOSS-dev-latest.zip
  2. Double click on the ekalappai.exe from the eKalappaiOSS folder you got from above step.
  3. Start typing in tamil
  4. To switch off the keyboard or to change the layout of the keyboard, just click on the ekalappai task bar menu (right hand side bottom portion of your desktop)
  5. Currently it supports phonetic & tamil99 keyboards.
  6. Its being actively developed so soon other missing features will be added.
  7. If you find any issue or want any new feature in this software, please feel free create an issue in this page: http://code.google.com/p/ekalappai/issues/list

Keep checking this page for updates.

Features planned for eKalappai 3.0

Features planned later

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