Tamil computing: the present and the future

Tamil computing: the present and the future M. Anandakrishnan

"The number of Tamil websites has become large, and it is growing.
These include those of Tamil newspapers and magazines and e-journals.
Then there are greeting cards, matrimonial sites, on-line learning
resources, those sites devoted to cookery, beauty tips, health issues,
songs, movies, tourism information, games, puzzles and so on, in

Unicode has become a world standard and many computer applications
have provided Unicode support so that multilingual text can be

At the same time, there are many lingering problems. Information
Technology, in respect of the use of Tamil on computers, should
necessarily aim to reach all the people so as to give them the
benefits of this new technological power. People should be able to use
computers to deal with information given in Tamil without knowledge of
English on the part of the user. Some of the current research and
development efforts address such issues.

The Tamil community is suddenly waking up to all the missed
opportunities after realising how far Tamil language is falling behind
many other languages. This is evident from the degree of enthusiasm
and cooperation seen in putting together the Tamil Internet Conference
(TIC-2010) in Coimbatore to be held in conjunction with the World
Classical Tamil Conference, thanks to the unstinted support from the
Government of Tamil Nadu. A large number of papers submitted to
TIC-2010, especially from Tamil Nadu, address almost all of the
advanced concepts. Nearly 400 international experts will discuss some
150 research papers dealing with a range of topics involving
contemporary developments in Tamil computing."

"One of the basic objectives of TIC-2010 is to stimulate the interest
of the younger generation in Tamil computing. The enthusiastic
response from school and college students to the Tamil computing
competition and Wikipedia has been encouraging. This needs to be
sustained and expanded. The special participatory exposition of Tamil
computing and Internet developments, including e-governance, Tamil
periodicals, Tamil software, Tamil-related efforts of several
multinational companies and so on are expected to attract the interest
of lakhs of visitors.

The enthusiasm and the level of expectations are evident. The spirit
of cooperation needs to be sustained.

M. Anandakrishnan"


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