Precious Pearls : Story

Turn rough pieces of sand into precious pearls

An oyster on the ocean floor opened its wide shell to let the water pass over it. As the water flushed through, its gills picked out food, sending it to stomach. Suddenly a large fish nearby stirred up a cloud of sand and silt with a flip of its tail.

Sand! Oh, the oyster disliked sand. It was so rough and made life so unpleasant and uncomfortable and was such a bother whenever any got inside its shell. Quickly the oyster slammed its shell shut, but it was too late. One hard gritty grain of sand had gotten in and lodged itself between his inner flesh and his shell.

My, how that piece of sand bothered the oyster! But almost immediately, its special glands for coating the in-side of his shell began working and coated the irritating grain of sand with a lovely smooth and shiny covering.

Year after year the oyster added a few more layers of the coating onto the tiny grain of sand until at last it had produced a beautiful lustrous pearl of great value.

Sometime the problems we have are a bit like that grain of sand. They bother us and we wonder why we have the irritation and inconvenience. But they can be blessings in disguise and make us achieve way beyond our own expectations.

So take the rough pieces of sand in life and turn them into precious pearls....

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